Florida Great Flood Vision-Gloria Lopez-01/15/2004 #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 13 May 2015 06:53:02 -0700


Recently, I felt the leading of the Lord to do some family relocation.  In the process, I was going to consolidate my resources, and move my office into my home in Hollywood, FL.


My ex-wife and I get along quite well (She had departed from me in 1999), and she was in agreement back in November, that she needed to find a place for herself and the two children to live.  I assured her that I would assist as needed.  As time passed, nearing the January 5, 2004 expiration date of my lease, I had a growing concern that she was not working very hard to find a new place to live.  My suspicions were confirmed on New Years eve, when she told me that she was not able to find a place to live.  She asked me to find a place for her and the children.


Now, the pressure was on.  I had just a few days to find an apartment, sign a lease, and arrange a move for her on the 5th of January.


I evaluated several potential locations that I had found by internet search, but all failed for one reason or another, and I found myself driving around on the afternoon of Friday, January 2, crying out to the Lord.  I told him that I needed that type of special geographical guidance that He has given me in the past at specific times.  So, I began to praise the Lord in song, singing along with a recording, and then, praying in the Spirit, I began to drive along.


After a few minutes, I heard that familiar voice, instructing me to search the streets very near to my house in Hollywood, and I saw a for rent sign, and went to check it out.


The owner was Gloria Lopez, a woman of about fifty: originally from Guatemala.  We looked at the small duplex apartment together, and I realized that even though it was small, it was my only available choice.  I was out of time.  I needed to begin the move very soon.  Additionally, I had this feeling in my Spirit that this was the place.  God’s peace was upon me.


I began to talk with her, and I mentioned that I had been praying to find a place for the family, and what our circumstances were.  She was suddenly excited that God had led a Christian to her, as she was also a Christian, and had been praying for a believer to occupy the apartment.  We began to share, and then we prayed together and God’s presence strongly filled the room.  I knew this was a divine appointment, and that God had found a home for my ex wife and my two children, and after confirming this with my ex on the telephone, we signed a lease.


We anointed the property with oil and prayed through the house, and we shared regarding ministry.  Gloria had been leading a home group in that little apartment, and a few people had been saved in it just a few days before.  Gloria also told me of many visions she had received, and I began to be curious.  Gloria had no idea that I was a prophet, but she was sharing her prophetic ministry with me, and I was there, quiet, just waiting eagerly for a moment to speak about my experiences.


Suddenly, before I could get a word in edgewise, Gloria said she had recently had a vision that she just had to share with me.


In the waking vision, she was standing, looking at the sky.  Suddenly, she saw two dark, conical, swirling clouds, coming down out of the sky to earth. 


Then, she was high in the air, and she could see the whole state of Florida.  Everything was under water.  No houses or trees could be seen.


At this point, I fell on my face, and gave thanks to God out of fear and reverence to the Lord my God, and honored the King of the universe, who had given another prophetic witness to what is to come to his servant.


Holy is His name.  I humble myself before Him.


Stephen L. Bening

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