The Predictions Are Coming True! In Your Own Lifetime! #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 08 Dec 2018 18:12:59 +0000

As He said it unto Ezekiel in speaking to rebellious Israel, so He is saying it unto me in speaking to the rebellious Christians of America, today: 

Listen to me, you sluggards and slow to believe all that the Lord has spoken:  He said, why do you Christians of America, particularly those of you to whom My words have been spoken, repeat this saying so that it has become a proverb in your land.  You say, "Time goes on and on and nothing happens and all of the predictions come to nothing."

Now, tell them what I, the Sovereign Lord, has to say.  I will utterly put an end that proverb.  The predictions are coming true!  Yes, the time is here for the predictions to come true, in your own lifetime!  Some of the predictions have already come true, have they not?  Ten years ago, many of you were in a panic, yet how soon you all forgot.  Did I not reveal to you that it is I who control the clocks?  I touch one clock and it pauses and I touch another and it starts anew.  I have purposed in My heart to catch you in the snare and in the trap, for you do not walk in the light!  You have not been found worthy to escape! The bottom line is this:  you are rebellious.  You love your idols and you love this world more than you love Me!  You will forget that old proverb that you have taken up.  Yes, the time is here for the predictions to come true, in your own lifetime.

I am full of derision and hot with anger over my Christian people in America.  They have stuffed themselves with false visions and misleading prophecies.  Their eyes are filled with sleep and slumber, just as if they were plump with turkey and pecan pie.  Enough!  I, the LORD, will speak to them, and what I say will be done. There will be no more delay.  Wake up quickly and repent, if you can.   In your own lifetime, you rebels, I will do what I have warned you I would do. I have spoken," says the Sovereign LORD.

The LORD said to me, "some of the American Christians think that your visions and prophecies are about the distant future.  Others foolishly believe, as so many men before them said of all the prophets, that you are a madman and that you have issues.  So tell them what I, the Sovereign LORD, am saying: There will be no more delay. What I have said will be done. I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken!"

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