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Stephen L. Bening

Date: 13 May 2015 06:59:34 -0700

Last Friday night (2/27), I went to see the movie “The Passion” in a late viewing, and arrived back at home after 2 A.M. on the 28th.


I felt strongly compelled to check my email, even though I was very tired.  There, waiting for me, was this report of a dream, had by a 17 year old Christian girl named Brandy.  Brandy and her mother are both Christians.


The report really caught my eye, because according to the letter, Brandy received the dream on 2/24-2/25, which was exactly the same day that my #2 daughter had her dream about Three Asteroids heading toward Earth, and woke me at 2 A.M. to report it. 


Brandy’s mother has since provided me with more of the details of what Brandy received.  Here is the report.  There is much to interpret here.  Carol told me that she and Brandy have no history with any prophecy concerning asteroids or comets.  Carol was reading the news on February 27th, and came across the report that the Earth was almost put on an asteroid impact alert on January 13, 2004 by the astronomers who search for the NEO’s (Near Earth Objects).  After she read this news article, she remembered the report that Brandy had given her about the dream, searched the internet for other prophecies about asteroids, and found my website, http://www.usaprophet.com



Stephen L. Bening



Brandy’s Three Asteroid Dream-2/25/2004


It was Wednesday morning the 25th of February that Brandy woke up at 8:40 A.M..  She had slept in that morning because she had gone to bed at 12:00am Wednesday morning on the 25th.  She was tired and it was the day before my birthday (26th) so I remember that part clearly.  So she had the dream on the 25th for sure.  She does not remember anytime waking up during the night so far in her memory, so she is not certain of the exact time she had the dream.


The sun was setting in the beginning of this dream.  (Brandy) was walking down a dusty road in the mountains, while cars were driving up the road.  They dusted her in passing and she felt like they didn't care what they were doing to her, but they were just passing her by like she wasn't even there.  She wanted to get off the road and she saw (8) four wheelers coming up the road and one of them was white.  (I must add that we have a place in the mountains and we have 4 wheelers and we are usually up there in the good weather (spring/summer) riding our 4 wheelers).  (This is also a place that has a prophetic story to it as well:  it is a future place of refuge that the Lord has revealed to this family)


In the dream...she saw 3 people on the white, four-wheeler.  It was bigger than all the others and it stood out from the others.  She decided to get on and became part of the 3 when she got on it. 


She got on it after she witnessed the other 4-wheelers were doing dangerous things on the road and thought that they were going to ride off a mound.  She felt this was unsafe. 


She said in the beginning all the  4-wheelers were lined up and were going to give her a ride because she didn't want to walk because the road was dusty. As she rode down the hill on the white 4-wheeler she looked back in the rear view mirror and saw only one set of headlights.


Then she mentioned to me that she noticed it was getting dark out.  Because she only saw one pair of head lights she worried for the others because she did not know where they went. 


Next scene: She ended up at a picnic table with her father and sister and myself (mother) with her head down on the table and looked up and saw something coming down from the sky falling at an angle and knew in the dream it wasn't a falling star- that it was something more.  It crossed the sky and she thought it was Jesus coming back. 


She started to pray and prepare herself spiritually and ask forgiveness that she would enter into heaven.  When she was done praying she noticed nothing happened.  She figured it wasn't Jesus coming and looked at what ever it was that had hit the ground and it was far away.  She saw gold particles behind it hit like a fire work.  She felt confused and knew that it wasn't Jesus coming. 


Then, she saw a second object, which was red.  Not much was given to her about this one.


Then, she saw the third one.  It came closer to us in the trees and it lit a circle of fire and only burnt the immediate area where it hit.  Nothing else was affected. 


The picnic table is an interesting detail to me because of a dream my oldest daughter had back in the year 2000.  In the dream we were in the mountains and something happened and people were walking around like in a daze or shock.  Arnold Schwarzengger was there with fear in his eyes: at the time he was not even a governor.


I will also add that my oldest daughter said that in her dream we all knew it wasn't the rapture yet but soon after that event, it would take place.  That is where we were sitting on a picnic table. Note: Where our place is in the mountains there are a lot of camping areas.) I listened to a prophet recently on the Prophecy Club (Apostle David E. Taylor) and this seemed to back up that dream sequence.


Carol (For Brandy)

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