3 Asteroid Dream-Miss Bening-03/08/2004 #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 13 May 2015 07:04:17 -0700

My 8 year old daughter had this dream early last Monday morning, March 8, 2004:


She was in a place, and people were running around, very scared.  Everyone was terrified, and knew that the asteroids were going to fall.


She began telling all of these people that they should go to the church.  So, many people began to go to the church, and once there, they began to worship.


But, she felt in her heart that something was very wrong as she listened to the singing in the church.


Then, she saw the three asteroids, as they began to fall, and the dream ended.


She arose from her bed quickly, and woke up her mom, telling her about the dream.  It was 3 A.M. when she woke her mom.


(My daughter just asked Jesus to come and live in her heart on Saturday, February 28, 2004.)

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