Re: [two-witnesses-company] Promontory Point-Where Prophecies Meet #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 18 Sep 2019 13:32:21 +0000

I have been working for the last several years to appropriately document the historical fulfillment of prophecies that have already occurred.  This trail leads up to the French Revolution and the fall of the Papacy.

The other big prophetic push in my ministry has always been that God reveals to me the future things.  I was shown an actual, open, Ezekiel style vision in November, 1991 where God took me high in space and I then saw the Eiffel tower.  Somehow, I "saw" financial collapse and anarchy spreading out from Paris to the whole world.

Jesus was with me in space:  behind me.  He then said "in sixty days, I will shake the Earth will great earthquakes and great floods.  So, the events in Paris will trigger this terrible financial collapse and that will lead into the double judgements, so it is all one big connected, as it were, railroad.  I did not know hardly anything about the importance of the French Revolution in Paris in 1991, but I know all about it today.

That financial collapse will be like nothing anyone has seen.  All paper money will become worthless.  There have been some events, like the Weimar Republic collapse, that are close to what will occur.  Silver coins will be useful for a time.  Then, barter will be the only thing remaining.


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