Comet Impact Charleston, Illinois-Karen-2000 to 2004 #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 13 May 2015 07:34:32 -0700

Early in the year 2000, my then three-year-old daughter had
repetitious dreams. Many a night would find her waking up, crying
horribly over the same nightmare: "I saw water going over the
mountain, (her little hand making an up and over gesture) and people
going 'blub blub' because they are under the water and can't
breathe." (While saying this, she covered her face with her hands).
I was very concerned while holding and comforting her, but simply
did not know what else to do. After her fifth or sixth repeated
dream, I finally realized what I should have done in the first
place - I prayed. I basically asked God that if He was trying to get
a message across, to please take the dreams from my daughter and
give them to me. That one prayer was answered immediately, my
daughter's nightmares stopped, and (within a couple of months) mine
began. My dreams are not the same as my daughter's; however, I
believe that they are connected.

In late May or early June of 2000, I had my first dream. My husband
was driving my car, and my daughter and I were passengers. Driving
down a country road, we passed a tall and shiny red barn on the
right. Straight ahead was a grove of trees on the horizon. Suddenly,
there was a huge upheaval of dust (like from an impact) swelling
larger and larger. My mind told me "comet", but I did not actually
see what caused this impact. Unafraid, I knew that we would be
killed instantly from the ensuing shock wave, and I told my
husband, "We're going home." (By "home", I mean heaven). When the
shock wave hit us, I went from being affected by gravity one second,
to being lighter than air the next. I was "in the spirit" floating
straight up, and was actually disappointed in missing a glimpse of
heaven, as my three-year-old daughter then awakened me. I could not
forget that nighttime image. It felt so incredibly genuine, like it
really happened - the air was warm, the leaves were green, the road
was bumpy, and the clarity of the outburst itself was all too real.
My husband was the only one that I shared my dream with, and it was
back to life as usual. Before long, things became unusual.

Driving in the very rural area of Lerna, Illinois, my family and I
were following signs indicating an available house. Shortly after my
husband turned east, I then saw the same red barn, and the same
grove of trees that I saw in my dream. The only thing different was
that we were in my husband's van, instead of my car. Needless to
say, I was taken aback, as I do not recall ever having that type of
experience before. To some extent, I expected an impact to occur;
but when one did not, I realized that I was being informed of where
this event would take place. While on this actual road, we were
facing the south end of Charleston, Illinois. However, that was not
to be the only peculiarity.

Shortly after this roadtrip, I went to a talk forum on the internet.
(I'll let you guys know it was Will's "The Hot Sheets"). There, a
woman (Hi, Stardanya) had left a message. She was concerned about
what others might think of her, but went on to tell of her
experience anyway. She had what she called a "vision" - she was
clearly awake, and not in bed. She was driving her car, when all of
a sudden she "saw" an expanding dust cloud, on the ground, "like
from an impact". She knew it was something that would kill many
people. The vision was upsetting for her, and I was stunned to read
this, as I had shared my own dream with my husband only. If that was
not enough in and of itself, a woman who worked at my daughter's pre-
school reiterated information that she had. When she found out that
I might take my daughter to a Christian daycare center, she asked
me, "Oh, you believe in Jesus?" When I told her that I do, and that
I believe that God raised Him from the dead, she continued, "Do you
mind if I tell you about a dream that I had?" I literally got
goosebumps then, as I just knew the dream would somehow be related.
She went on to say that she was "in her own backyard, when all of a
sudden she was encased in a huge dust cloud. She knew that she would
die, and go to heaven, but was not afraid because she felt Jesus'
presence all around her." It was now August of 2000, and I decided
to share my dream with my family and friends. My father-in-law, a
retired Baptist minister, told me that the two others coming forth
was the proof that my dream was a message from God. Through his
guidance, I learned that in the Holy Bible, 2 Corinthians 13:1b
states, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be

On August 23, 2002, I had my second dream. This time, I was at a
relative's house in Kansas, Illinois. Amongst the many people there,
some (including my husband and daughter) were all dressed up. I had
just left them, sitting at the kitchen table, to go to the front
porch. A storm was brewing, with dark clouds, a warm breeze,
lightning, and thunder. Several were on the front porch with me, and
we were viewing the western sky. Suddenly, a loud boom and a fire
told me that lightning must have struck Charleston, Illinois, which
rests directly west of Kansas. But those around me soon horribly
realized that the town itself was impacted by something huge. From
my viewpoint, the fire grew to fill the entire horizon, and once
again there was an ensuing dust cloud that grew ever larger. Knowing
that this event would take all of our lives, I realized the
individuals surrounding me knew it too - their anguished cries were
more than I could bear. My daughter came running out the front door
yelling for me, and as I grabbed her into my arms, the shockwave had
reached us and we were ripped apart. We were now "in the spirit",
being tossed about like clothes in a washing machine, for only a
second, before being pulled up toward heaven. I then awoke, but this
time I had an unrelenting message in my head, powerful and strong -
"Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." (The
message was so strong that I had it printed in the personals'
section of my home's Acts 2:21).

On January 8, 2004, I had my third dream. Once again, my husband and
daughter were with me. It was a beautiful, warm day, and we were in
Wal-Mart's parking lot located in Mattoon, Illinois, but part of the
lot was a lake, and we were fishing out of it. This wasn't unusual
from my perspective. Suddenly, I hooked such a big fish that I could
not handle it, and I handed my pole to my friend Michael Landon.
There was no knowledge of him being a deceased actor; he was simply
my friend. Unexpectedly, a few people gaped at the western sky and
started shrieking, using their hands over their eyes like visors. We
all then stared into the sky, and witnessed a flaming comet. Being a
huge, burning ball of rock, it was about the size of a large house.
It sailed easterly overhead and impacted thunderously in the area of
Charleston, the flames and debris growing so rapidly that all would
be instantly destroyed from the ensuing shockwave. This was a very
real and genuine experience, and I actually yelled, "It's really
happening this time!" I then shouted to the panicking crowd, "Don't
be afraid, just ask God to take you Home!" But then, abruptly, as if
right at the moment we would have been killed, my family and I were
being helped by a policeman into his car to be taken home. For some
unknown reason, we were without transportation. I then realized this
event did not yet happen. Only then, did I have the thought that I
should tell this officer about my dreams, so that he could be
prepared for this future event. I then awoke.

In mid-March of 2004, I awoke with a very strong message: "The rest
of the world will be told that [the actual comet impact] is a
terrorist attack."

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