Great Flood Atlanta & Eastern USA-Ruby Golden-1963 #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 13 May 2015 07:37:55 -0700

I received this letter today, reporting to me of a dream that she
had 41 years ago (1963). Gwinnett County, Georgia, is 225 miles inland, at
an altitude of 1080 feet. The map I prepared of the ocean
encroachment to be caused by the three asteroid impact showed that
the flood would reach her area. Her dream confirms that.
Apparently, it will be ocean front property, perhaps only for a
short time. Gwinnett County is just East of Atlanta.
Stephen L. Bening

Dear Mr. Benning:

Please add my number to your PRIVATE (do not make the # public) list
for contact in case of emergency. I have read the prophecies. They
confirm an "uneasy" feeling that has been growing on me for years.

What cinched it was the map. Yours is the FIRST map I have seen,
that confirms a vivid dream I was given when I was only 5 years
old. It was so vivid I have NEVER forgotten it.

We had then (over 40 years ago now) just moved into our then-new
home (in 1963)----I (only child) and my parents. My Daddy had
constructed a short (2 feet tall) cement block retaining wall in the
uneven back yard, that cut our back yard in half. As little as I
was then, when I stood on the wall I felt as though I was standing
on a cliff, with a sea of green grass before me.

Shortly after we moved into this house, I had the vivid dream. I
dreamed I was standing in my yard, on the cement wall, but it
changed and became a short cliff above a churning grey sea. A short
sandy beach at the foot of the cliff separated it from the sea, but
the waves were so violent in their churning that the spray was being
thrown up all the way to the top of the cliff. As I stood at the
edge of this cliff, I became aware that the fierce east wind was
blowing the spray into my face, and, though both were chilling, yet
I felt no effect of the cold upon me. I was dressed in a long white
dress (to my feet), and the dress and my long hair were being blown
against me and snapping out behind me in the wind (at the time, my
hair was cut in a very short dutch-boy style).

As I stood there, I became aware of a sadness so overwhelming that
my throat ached with the pain of it, as I stared out over the sea
and the desolate landscape. All I could think, over and over,
was, "If only! If only! If ONLY they had listened!!!", and there
was a knowledge of millions......gone.

As I once more turned my gaze to the land to my right, seeing the
curving shore as it curved out to sea to my left and then back in
again out of sight over some close-by hills, I suddenly realized
that it was late----very late----and I must hurry, hurry, or I will
be left. I begin to run in almost a panic along the sandy shore,
and to climb up the hills to the unseen shoreline beyond them, as
the dream fades out.....

What is curious about this dream, is that I live (still) in that
house, in Gwinnett County, GA, hundreds of miles inland from the
Atlantic, and even all the maps various occultic "seers" have
published of predicted inundations never showed the waters coming
anywhere near my home. Yet, I know this dream presaged something----
it was just too real. The map published on your site, is the first
I have EVER seen, that shows the possibility of the flood coming
this far inland, as I saw it in my dream.

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