David Haase: Seven Obects To Hit, Lima Peru First from 2004 #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 31 Oct 2015 16:01:45 -0700

  • 11-18-2004

    Standing in open vision in the middle of a large town center. The Lord
    fills me with that this is Lima Peru it is day time, in front of me is a
    old looking fountain, beyond that is a large tower/skyscraper. This city
    is set very high above the ocean behind the tower. From the west a Large
    rock falls from the sky into the ocean, it causes a wave higher than the
    tower in front of me. This will be first of seven.

    Through His servant in Christ Yeshua,
    david haase

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  • gammadim24
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  • David Haase attended a WPA meeting that we had at the Barney home in North Carolina on July 14/15, 2006.  At that meeting, I was discussing asteroid prophecies with him and Bob Neumann was there too.  It was on the second day, in the afternoon, that he came to tell me how there would be seven asteroids coming to Earth.

    He saw out into space and saw seven asteroids/comets, each with a skull face.  They were lined up one by one, single file, heading toward Earth.

    This one he sent me in 2004 indicated that Lima Peru would be struck first.  Whether we are to expect seven strikes of Earth and this one is an eighth:  a shot across the bow, I can only speculate.

    It interests me tremendously that I was led of the Holy Ghost to update the Report From The Tower for the first time in three years and I posted that here to WPA on October 19, 2015.  In that update, in the asteroid section, I mentioned the David Haase seven object prophecy for the first time in many years.  The previous Report From The Tower, done in 2012,  made no mention of the Haase prophecy.

    Now, we see it actually appearing, 305,000 miles from Earth and 179,000 miles from our moon.

    Stephen L. Bening

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