3 Asteroid Vision-Ann Peterson-04/02/2003 #mi

Stephen L. Bening

Date: 13 May 2015 05:55:03 -0700

Dear Stephen,
Here is the account of the vision dealing with the
comets and the destruction to befall America that I
was given.

In April 2001 I was moved to ask God what was
coming at us. The question was as generic as
that...but not the answer. I was then shown North
America on a globe. I saw three balls of fire
streaking across the globe. One hits in the Gulf of
Mexico...another hits near the east coast of
Florida...and the third is further out in the
Atlantic. I then see America get smaller. Florida
is washed over as well as much of the east coast and
the coastal areas of the Gulf. I asked if people
would be warned of this event in any way. I was told
that this was the warning. I asked again about the
others that did not hear or see initial warnings. I
heard that there would be a very small window of
opportunity for people to get out of harms way...but
most would still not listen. Then the only
"close-up" view I got was of I-95...it was a death
trap...and those were the words I heard too. Then I
was shown a short period of relative stillness then I
saw the middle of America rise up, then separate into
two land masses with a great body of water between the
two halves. When I inquired about what I was to
do...I live In Florida...I was shown a specific area
in North Carolina that I had to be at. I was also
told I would be there before this happened. I am
currently planning my move for asap. If finances had
allowed I would be there now...but things being as
they are I will be there in the next two months. I
cannot even begin to list all the ways God has
confirmed this for me.

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