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Stephen L. Bening

Date: 25 Oct 2015 09:21:14 -0700


Ten years ago, I made my third trip to Africa for the purposes of preaching the gospel. I intended to return there many, many times and to eventually move there if the Lord would permit. The Lord has plans for us though that are sometimes not in line with our plans and I did not know it at the time, but the Lord would send me back to my nation to do radio and to minister to people who do not wish to be prophesied to. I much preferred ministry in Africa, where great multitudes of people are receptive to the Holy Spirit, but such is the nature of the cross: not my will by thy will be done. Ministry in America has been a difficult cross to carry.

The final two weeks of that third Africa trip saw many incredible visions, miracles and events. The Holy Spirit led me to seal them up at the time. You can read the ministry report from June 6, 2005 here at Days 32-44 Ministry In Africa. From reading that report, you would never know the events of major import that happened. Now, ten years later, the Holy Spirit quickened these events to my spirit, I pulled out my journals and these events are to be unsealed, for they explain things that have happened and are happening in America and around the world. All I know is that the Holy Spirit wants me to write about these things today, in a current article. I began this morning to go back to the ten year old mission report, to add to it, and the Holy Spirit said no, make it new.

The thing the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance today was the joint vision, had at exactly the same moment, by Randy McKee and Stephen Bening. That is the only time in my life that I have ever had a vision from the Lord and another person could see the exact same thing that I was seeing. McKee and I had that joint vision in the night session of the third day of meetings on Friday, May 27, 2005 of an event that was headlined as the "International Prophetic Explosion" in Kapkatenny, Western Kenya. I had nothing to do with the selection of the name of the event. You can see on the May 24th Mission Report that we had a five day session planned for Kapkatenny, but God ended it for me in terms of preaching on that third night. We had apparently promised that town four nights of outdoor crusade evangelism, but the weather only permitted one, so we would have to return there later. When we did return, a week later, the event was huge, much larger than the one we had during this week, with many thousands in attendance and many attending signs and wonders. But, our focus here will be on this first three days of the International Prophetic Explosion.

The Wednesday, May 25th meeting opened mildly enough. Prophet Maurice Wasike began and then turned the proceedings over to an Apostle who I did not know named Ademba. He launched into a message that then veered into tithing error. I looked at McKee and we agreed that we had to put a stop to it, so I arose, took the microphone from Ademba and directed him to sit down. I told them that, contrary to the teaching of Ademba, you do not need to tithe for Jesus to heal you. Jesus is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our healer. There was much discussion after I finished that session among the pastors who were there, who numbered about 250. They asked me to teach them properly about tithing and offering. I told them that it would probably require me to speak for about three hours and they agreed that they would pay close attention and not fall asleep during my presentation: a promise they kept. So, we agreed that tomorrow's teaching session in the afternoon would cover these things. That first night, Pastor Leonard preached indoors, as there was no outdoor crusade event scheduled.

So, we traveled back to our base house in Webuye, Kenya and got into our beds. At 1:17 AM, McKee and I were awakened by a great shaking. For one minute, we were shaking while in our beds. Our beds were shaking, but not bouncing around the floor and we both commented to one another about it. No one else was stirring in the house, so we perceived that we alone had been selected to experience this wonder. We wondered what this sign might portend about the coming days.

The Thursday, May 26th meetings went forward with almost nothing unusual at all. I was waiting for something, but really nothing notable occurred. I preached my tithing message and it caused much discussion among the pastors. We had our first outdoor crusade and about 125 prayed with me to receive Christ.

The Friday, May 27th meetings began at 1:30pm. Prophet Randy taught on the Making Of Decrees, and how this is the job of the prophet and the watchman. Prophets are the Watchers and the Holy Ones of Daniel. He also preached about the untempered mortar of Ezekiel 13 and how the holding on to idols as taught by Ezekiel 14 will cause God to turn one over to those idols so that God will speak to a man according to his idols. We had lunch and a tremendous rain came. We stayed inside of course: the outdoor crusade was cancelled for that late afternoon. I preached on a great number of prophetic things regarding the world and the gospel. I covered 1 Chronicles 5, Turkey, the US and Africa, Song of Solomon, Malachi 4, Jeremiah 31:3-14, Hosea 8-9 and Ecclesiastes 1. As I was feeling that I was finishing up, I had my first vision.

I saw a lit scepter, with a flaming fire emitting out of the top of it, as it appeared in my right hand. I reached out and passed that scepter to Africa. I explained to the crowd what I was seeing and doing and I told them that it meant that the authority to carry the gospel to the world was being passed from America to Africa. Africa was now set to become the world center of the real church of Jesus Christ. America would be left as a carcass. I was happy about this for Africa but this saddened me for America. I finished up my speaking and I sat down.

Prophet McKee and I were sitting there not very long when I began seeing another vision. I saw a scroll unfolding, coming down out of the concrete ceiling that was about eight feet over my head. The scroll was written in very ornate, decorative cursive writing that very much reminded me of the style of the US Declaration of Independence. I saw the top line of the scroll as it rolled down from the ceiling. It said, DEATH WARRANT FOR AMERICA. There was a whole page of writing below that title that I was not able to read or make out. The bottom of the page included two signature lines. On the left, I saw my name, with a blank line available for me to sign it. On the right, I saw the name of Randy McKee, with a blank line available for him to sign. I looked over at Randy and I said, "Do you see it"? He said yes. I asked what he saw, and he exactly described back to me what I had just seen.

The Lord then said to me that I was done. At the time, I thought that He was referring to my being done in that series of meetings, on that night, but I now take it that the Lord was telling me that I had finished my course in Africa. In any event, we still had to get out of there to return to our base, which was no easy work as our truck was stuck in the mud. I had to be the driver while every Kenyan pushed us out of the hole, as none of the Kenyans could seem to drive it free of being stuck. We all were covered in mud as we drove home and then tomorrow, we came back to Kapkatenny for another day.

The Saturday, May 28th day in Kapkatenny opened for us inauspiciously. The five day event had been cut to four. This was the last day. We arrived by noon and probably should have done a crusade right then as the weather was beautiful, but I was tired and so the word of the Lord was fulfilled that I would not preach again there. Apostle David spoke instead and then, an incredible rain storm came that would have been frightening to me if I had not been in such an other worldly condition: filled with the Holy Ghost. The rain came with terrible hail, lightning and thunder, even worse that the previous late afternoon. Additionally, the proximity of one of the Mt. Elgon peaks functioned as a water gatherer and the road we had driven in to that place on had become a white water river. We broke from our afternoon session just as the rain was ending and the flood was down right apocalyptic. I stood there, watching the street river run at about forty miles per hour, and I had my third vision.

I saw a great number of vultures in the sky, flying toward the West. The clouds were clearing from the rainstorm and the setting sun was visible. Thousands and thousands of vultures were all flying directly west. Then, the Lord began to speak: "These are the evil angels of Africa, that have been trapped here since the time of Moses and Aaron. They are now leaving Africa, heading to the churches of America, for the vultures will be gathered to the carcass, says the Lord".

One week later, Joseph Cook sent me an email from America, reporting that Kim Clement has now prophesied that America's churches will be getting visits from wonderful angels, sent by God, who will bring great blessing. As I was reading this email, I had my fourth vision.

I saw two opposing legal size tables 4' X 8', facing one another. I was sitting behind one of the tables, with a few men sitting at my side, whom I recognized to be several no-name prophets of the Lord. Sitting opposite me was Kim Clement, in the chair directly facing me. At his sides were several famous TV prophets. I realized immediately that I was seeing a visual representation of what I had just seen transpire with the vision of the vultures, signifying evil angels, and that these false prophets will lead the people of America to believe they were real Angels, sent from God, with many blessings.

You are all witnesses that many parts of these visions already came to pass in the Todd Bentley "Revivals" in Lakeland. The DEATH WARRANT FOR AMERICA indicates that as of May 27, 2005, God had put me on the task of calling in the judgements in America. I was doing that job until July, 2008, when God raised up Matthew Stephen to go forth and do it as well, and God sent us out together. There are probably other members of the two witnesses company who have done their part, and will do their part, to carry out this work of the Lord around the globe. This tells the story of how it all began for me: a story the Lord had me to seal up and write nothing about until more than ten years after these visions were given to me.

I have been on this job since 2005, doing radio ministry with Randy McKee and others, and then going on tours with Matthew to places where God sent us. We have ministered with the staff of God in America, making decrees and commanding that this nation drink forth from the wine cup of the wrath of God. Randy McKee decided to become my attacker in 2008. To my knowledge, he has had no public ministry via radio or internet since that time. Did God remove His name from the DEATH WARRANT FOR AMERICA? I do not know. I only know that since the time that he came out in writing against me, calling me a false prophet for doing the very thing that God called him to do in 2005, he has quit. I can only look and see that since 2008, he has no ministry that I am able to locate. Was the name of Matthew Stephen inserted at the bottom of the DEATH WARRANT? I conclude by observation that it is probably so, but the Lord has never said anything about it.

I am aware now that Matthew Stephen has apparently quit. He no longer answers his telephone for ministry to the saints. He makes no more videos and writes no more letters. Finally, he took what was left of his Montana refuge and sold everything off at public auction. Where he will go only the Lord knows. He allowed several large items that had been donated by the saints to the refuge to be auctioned off. I find this action particularly unsettling-THIS GRIEVED MY SPIRIT EXCEEDINGLY. These large items, which included two GP Medium tents and a chicken house, could have been given to other saints for refuge purposes rather than sold for a nickel on the dollar at public auction. I cannot return to ministry with Matthew Stephen in the wake of this action of his. I only know that judgement has begun in the house of the Lord. That judgement has fallen upon some of his disobedient prophets most severely. One man asked me this week: "are you the only one left"? I do not know. I hope and pray that I will remain faithful, and perhaps God will raise up others to do this task if any prophets do not remain faithful to carry out God's work to the place where it is indeed finished. Montana remains a refuge area, to be sustained by God for the season He intends to cover it, for all whom He has sent there. For them, God has promised to watch over them, in that area, until He instructs them to move elsewhere. That promise continues in force in spite of those who have abandoned that cause. God remains faithful even though men become unfaithful.

Stephen L. Bening

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Stephen L. Bening

Date: 28 Oct 2015 10:49:19 -0700

The link to the auction notice, where a list of most of the large items sold and the pictures can be seen, is found here, at this link.

Public Auction Sat Oct 17 2015 (5900 West Kootenai Rd)

I just looked at it and got physically ill.


Here are the livestream links to the programs where Matthew made threats and spoke about operating as a sniper.  This is frightening stuff he put out on July 25, 2015 and August 8, 2015.  I do not want you all to have to go to the websites of mockers to know the truth about exactly what he said and when he said it.  These things grieve my spirit exceedingly.

Live Show Sat Jul 25 2015 07:13:47 PM

July 25, 2015

Live Show Sat Aug 8 2015 07:06:32 PM

August 8, 2015

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