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I just read a prophetic article on David Eels' website:

David as done an excellent job on his website, particularly in
the "prophecies, dreams and visions" section.

This link takes you to this Youngbrandt/Bohler article:

The article makes mention of today, May 16, 2007, as an
important, "fulcrum" day of decision. I think we all need to be in
prayer about these things. Here is the text of the article:



America's Last Days
Home of Unleavened Bread Ministries

Catastrophes in 2007 and 2008

This is Chuck Youngbrandt's report of Prophet Dan Bohler's
revelations of catastrophes coming in 2007 and 2008 and how they
compare with his revelations.

Prophet Dan's telephone call of December 11, 2006

Dan had learned that the U.S. Government under the influence of CFR
James Baker (CFR = Council of Foreign Relations = Illuminati) is
moving to force Israel to give up the Golan Heights and to turn over
1/3 of Jerusalem to the Palestinians in exchange for a momentary
peace with Syria and Iran.

Dan was quite distressed by this news and now he knew that GOD will
turn His back on America as a result of this action.


Dan told me plainly that starting in 2007 America will enter a 2 year
period of pure hell with every kind of trouble you can imagine
sweeping the nation; an economic decline, earthquakes and volcanic
eruptions. Specifically Dan spoke of a Tsunami striking the West
Coast - one from Northern California all the way to Canada, and then
a second one which will kill thousands and destroy much of the
coast. There will also be a Tsunami striking the East Coast of the

Dan stated plainly that the (apostate) Church has turned its back on
God and now God will turn His back on the (apostate) Church and
America. Dan related a vision a brother in Christ had some time ago
where he saw the Star of David and in the center was an Eye and He
heard God's Voice saying. "This in my eye. America and other nations
are sticking their fingers in my eye." In spite of the fierceness of
coming events Dan referred to them as "Mercy before judgment"
or "wake-up calls" thus mercy because although these events will be
destructive and deadly, they are nothing compared to what will follow.

Prophet Dan's telephone call of December 16, 2006


Dan telephoned again to share what the Lord told him that day. He
remembered how back last year when he had returned home from a trip
to Ohio, and that while his wife was fixing him supper, that he laid
down and fell asleep. In his sleep he heard a thunderous "Boom" that
startled him awake and to the point he jumped two feet in the air.
He spoke, "Oh my God, what was that?!" Jesus spoke to him and
said, "There will be a great earthquake in the central part of the
United States."

Jesus spoke to Dan today and said, "Tell my people that mercy before
judgment, a big earthquake, will hit St. Louis, Missouri in 2007."

Dan told me, "In 2007 a whaling of a big earthquake will hit St.
Louis. Then an even bigger one will hit in 2008 before the really
Big earthquake. Get refugee locations set up because these
earthquakes will strongly shake Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas as well
as St. Louis, Missouri and will be felt for hundreds of miles
around. Thousands will flee for their lives in panic."


Some of you know of brother and Prophet Dan Bohler and some do not.
But I talked to him today (12/18) about New Orleans because I know he
warned for years of a coming storm. About three years ago (about a
year before Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans) Dan was in New
Orleans and warning of a coming hurricane. He spoke at a hotel in
New Orleans and the meeting was attended by about 300 people. One
man (a lawyer) and his wife took it seriously and he sold his home
and re-located away from New Orleans. When Hurricane Katrina swept
into New Orleans it wiped out the hotel Dan had stayed in and the
house the lawyer (who had moved away) had owned was also destroyed.
Dan and his wife got a letter from the lawyer, who was very thankful
for avoiding that disaster. He (the lawyer) and his wife moved back
to New Orleans and opened a house meeting church (which is filled to

Dan knows, as I do, that New Orleans will never be fully re-built as
before that happens it will be wiped out by the "Monster Earthquake"
which will wipe out the Midwest U.S.A.


These coming earthquakes will kill hundreds, even thousands, and
destroy homes and businesses in a broad area but they are
called, "Mercy Before Judgment." Why?

God's people are asleep at the wheel and many are not taking the
action they need to take so these events, though deadly and
destructive, are clear wake-up calls to God's people - it is time to
get moving! It is time to seek God's will! It is time to pray and
seek God's Perfect will for you! It is time to take this very
serious as your lives are hanging in the balance.

If you need a jolt to get you moving, these events will provide that
jolt. That is why it is called "MERCY."

Chuck-Johnel's Comments

How Does This Fit With What I Understand?

The July 2-5, 1973 vision of the "Monster Earthquake"

That was a traumatic event in my life as I was thrust into a future
day and not only saw but heard, felt and even smelled all that was
going on at that future day. It overwhelmed me emotionally and so I
resorted to being very scientific, making notes of all he showed me
with the dedication of a historian recording an event. That was one
way to cope with the emotions of being in the midst of that vast
tragic, human event.

This earthquake shown to me in 1973 had to be in the 9.5 + magnitude
category, it is likely to be one of the greatest earthquakes in human
history and will destroy the Midwestern USA. This massive judgment
will of itself open the door for our enemies to attack the US with
nuclear weapons followed by an invasion triggering Nuclear World War

A BUILDING REVELATION: In 1979 Jesus began to reveal that there
would be a major earthquake to happen BEFORE this "Monster
Earthquake." It got confusing in that Jesus at one time told me that
it would be a 6.7 Magnitude earthquake and at another time He told me
that it would be a 7.6 magnitude quake. He also revealed that it
would have its epicenter in St. Louis, Missouri and that the
destructive force of that quake would destroy or heavily damage 1/3
of Chicago when it struck St. Louis.

I'd learn over the next years that the Lord God may give you a very
large picture but then will spend the next years fleshing it out or
filling in blank spots or introducing things you did not imagine
would be in play.

In the 1979 period Jesus also began revealing that major earthquakes
would first strike Los Angeles, California followed by a major
earthquake in San Francisco, California. He then showed me that
these events would precede the major quakes in the Midwest USA.

In the years from 1977 to 1989 we observed "early judgment patterns"
that confirmed our understanding that these events were all
connected - first Storms (Hurricanes) followed by earthquakes and/or
volcanic activity, followed by war.

What brother Dan shared with me recently answered a question I have
had for some years. I wondered if the Midwest major quake would be a
6.7 or a 7.6 magnitude or if these were two different quakes to
happen in the same year or not?

I now perceive that the first event that Dan has insight into would
be the 6.7 quake to hit in 2007.

A 6.7 Magnitude quake in California would be a killer and destructive
but that same earthquake in the Midwest would be TEN TIMES deadlier
and TEN TIMES more destructive.

A major quake hitting Los Angeles in 2007 could lead to a major quake
hitting San Francisco days or weeks later and that would lead to a
major earthquake in the Midwest days or weeks later.

We have long ago established that there is a definite geological
connection between the West Coast through an ancient fault/rift that
runs from Mt. St. Helens volcano diagonally through the US,
intersecting St. Louis as it travels to the Northern tip of Florida.
Further there are Holy Spirit- revealed fault lines from St. Louis to
and through Chicago and faults from St. Louis south to Houston,
Texas. The forces unleashed in a major west coast quake would travel
through these fault systems and could spread gradually quakes across
the whole of the US or spread them with lightning speed.

Once this serious judgment begins it won't stop until it engulfs the
whole nation. As terrible as Hurricane Katrina was, it will be
dwarfed by these event that will encompass major storms, major
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions followed by major wars.

W h e n ???

We have known and stated openly for the past two years that we had
two years to get ready and to relocate if we needed to do that. We
also know that time begins to run out March of 2007 through to
September 2007. We know from Jesus' word that the President has
opportunity to escape this "war trap" up until and ending May 16,
2007 - after that here is no escape only desolation.

The mercy gotten by the Net of Prayer this year got us a little more
time but again that runs out September 2007.


Dr. Daniel E. Bohler - December 29, 2006

Many of you have our DVDs and Videos on the subject of Great Storms,
Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and unstable weather everywhere.
I have traveled to many major cities and smaller ones as well,
warning them of these things, but many did not heed, just like I
warned New Orleans, Florida, Des Moines, Iowa, etc. before the
hurricanes, etc. came. As you know these words of warning came to
pass and are continuingly coming to pass.

But now please take heed: St. Louis area will suffer greatly from
earthquakes in 2007. Illinois and part of Tennessee and many places
in Missouri will feel the earthquake somewhat but within the St.
Louis 50-mile circumference area will be felt the most.

Pray now what you are to do. 2007 is the year!

Washington State will shake inland. The West Coast will shake on the
land and the in the sea! Tsunamis are coming in 2007. Without a
mighty wall of prayer many people will run for their lives and many
will die.

The East Coast is going to shake. Oklahoma is going to shake.
Charleston, S.C. will shake on the East Coast and other cities there.
Ohio will have the most unstable weather in the history of the state!
Prepare! (All I have said for this area is coming to pass and more

Please be prepared to help people. Pray for cities of refuge to be

This will be a dangerous year all over the country. Pray!

Final Statement: The Earth is heating up for troubled times! Great

Watch Mount Taylor, Mt. Saint Helens, Yellowstone and Hawaii.

Please pray and get out of fear! Live in God's Word. Seek God with
your whole heart!

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