Dan Bohler: Earthquakes in St. Louis and Kansas City before September, 2007 #mi

Stephen L. Bening

From: "Stephen L. Bening" <gammadim@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 21:45:36 -0000


This is the voice of Daniel Bohler ..Seer ...I see a terrorist attack
that is massive. Even as I am putting this on my web site. There will
be two attacks one after the other involved in this plot. The
earthquakes have accelerated in Oklahoma (over nine since it was
prophesied two months ago). Now we will also see the earthquakes start
in the state of Missouri including the greater Kansas City area and
the greater Saint Louis area before September. The northwest shores of
the United Sates are about to erupt any moment now. This will affect
Seattle WA., and Oregon. Big cracks will also occur in the Midwestern
region of the country. Please be prepared for extraordinarily violent
weather. I have warned this nation of these coming catastrophes for
years now, if you would like to review the original warnings in depth,
order the videos Prophecies Of The Coming Darkness, God's Divine
Judgment, and America's Next Great Earthquake (Catalog). This alert is
for the now - all that has been said is upon us.

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