Denise Love: July 4, 2007 Dream Of Chicago Earthquake #mi

Stephen L. Bening

From: "Stephen L. Bening" <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 21:49:23 -0000

Has anyone written you lately about dreams of earthquakes in the new
madrid fault area?

I had a dream on the 3rd & into the 4th (july, 07) of an earthquake.
I live in Illinois, not far from Chicago. (south). I have posted
this dream to another website.

I dreamt of seeing huge long crack lines, looking like zig-zag lines
in the ground with huge chunks of blacktop road sticking out of the
zig-zag crack lines in the ground. I saw the broken yellow lines in
the middle of the road pieces. I saw these cracks everywhere & road
pieces sticking out of them.

I saw myself in a big bldg on the 6th floor, with other people & they
were trying to get out of the bldg. I yelled at them to stay, or the
weight of them trying to get out would shift the weight in the bldg &
it could collapse & fall.

I felt another quake or temblors were imminent & that was part of the
reason for telling the people not to try to leave the bldg. This is
how the dream ended.

Now I tell you this, because I have read the numerous articles about
dreams of quakes in the new madrid fault & I felt this dream I had
speaks of the new madrid fault since I live in this area.

denise love

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