Henry Gruber prophecies

Stephen L. Bening

Henry Gruver was a prophet that the Lord sent forth just before He raised me up.  He just passed away in 2019 and went to be with Jesus.  Some of Henry's prophecies are on this website.


I want to draw your attention to two of them: 
69.2  "I Saw Submarines"  1986
69.4 "Look What I Will Do" 1990

I recommend that you read both in their entire in their entirety and pray about them.

My concern is this:  Henry saw what were probably Soviet subs rising up just offshore of America on the East Coast and the West.  They launched and destroyed many US cities:  on those coasts.  There was no warning.  He asked the Lord to show him when this would occur. 

The Lord said that when the Soviet Union opens her boarders and multitudes of refugees stream out, flooding the West with people, that the surprise attack would come (I am summarizing)

Well, we are 36 years later and the names have changed.  Now, Russia is supposedly at war with Ukraine.  5.5 million refugees have streamed out of Ukraine to many places around the world.  These are 5.5 million refugees from the former Soviet Union.  Is this what Henry Gruver saw?

Second is Henry's follow up vision from 1990.  The summary is that when the enemies of the USA try to invade and land troops onshore, God will rise up to prevent it.  God told Henry that "I have people here:  My People".

It is 36 years later and the country names have changed, but now, you are looking at what I am looking at, and we all have to go before Jesus to ask if this prophecy is currently valid and underway, because if it is, the United States may be in it's final hours of existing as we have known it.  Henry's vision left the whole center of the USA untouched by nuclear blasts, but the Coasts were completely destroyed.

I just wanted to make you all aware of the kind of stuff that gets me to praying in the middle of the night right now.  God Bless you all.

Stephen L. Bening

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